What does Bill do? 

admissionready offers three plans:

  • the AR 2500 
  • the AR 3500 
  • the AR 5000 

1) The AR 2500 

Includes two, personal consultations with the student and/or parents over the duration of the program. 

The Launch Meeting:

This initial conversation kicks off your communication with Bill.  In this session, he:

  • reviews a student’s academic and non-academic profiles.
  • clarifies the mechanics behind the admission process.  
  • explains how admission officers evaluate, rate and select applicants. 
  • describes the classes and activities admission officers value and consider noteworthy. 
  • addresses questions from student and parents. 

The Focus Meeting:

This session takes place between the spring of a student’s junior year and the fall of senior year.  In this meeting, Bill:

  • reviews a student’s transcript, academic narrative, standardized tests and extracurricular choices.
  • recaps how colleges evaluate, rate and process their applications.
  • assesses a student’s college list.  
  • outlines the ingredients behind effective essays and applications. 
  • discusses supplementary materials and teacher recommendations. 

The AR 2500 also includes:

Email Summaries:

Bill follows each meeting with a detailed email recap of the topics covered and guidance offered. 

Newsletters and Guides:

Bill issues a comprehensivemonthly email dispatch that covers admission-related topics, objectives and timelines.  

Students receive extensive, timely guides on multiple topics, including writing the infamous essayforming a college list, preparing for interviews and making comprehensive campus visits

A College Launch List:

Based on a student’s interests and profile, Bill generates a preliminary list of colleges to explore.  It includes schools in FOUR “selectivity” categories: STRETCH (schools where admission odds range from 5-20%), REACH (20-40% odds), TARGET (40-60% odds) and LIKELY (60%+). 

Answers to Burning Questions:

Bill addresses straightforward questions on topics such as course choicesextracurricular activitiessummer plansstandardized testsrecommendationscampus visitsinterviews, essays, and forming a college list

A Question of Time:

AR 2500 clients receive up to 10 hours of assistance, including the Launch and Focus Meetings, Email Summaries, Burning Questions and the College Launch List. 

2) The AR 3500

In addition to all AR 2500 services, Bill adds one consultation between the Launch and Focus sessions, for a total of THREE meetings.  

AR 3500 families receive
5 additional hours of assistance, for a total of 15 hours

3) The AR 5000

In addition to all AR 2500 services, Bill adds three consultations between the Launch and
Focus sessions, for a
total of FIVE meetings.  

AR 5000 families receive
10 additional hours of assistance, for a total of 20 hours.