What happens and why?

Simply put, students do not have access to timely and comprehensive college admission advice. The consequence is that they do not have access to the experience and specialized information they need to undestand the process and to reach informed decisions. 

ready provides precisely that. 

The tools. 

admissionready families have exclusive access to written guides containing extensive insights and advice on multiple topics including:

> the mechanics behind the competitive admissions process
 the infamous essay  
> an effective, supplemental resume
> the
 steps behind forming a thoughtful college list 
> for campus and alumni interviews
> worthwhile campus visits

In addition, during a student’s junior and senior years, admissionready families receive clear, concise monthly newsletters covering timely topics such as: 

> selecting appropriate high school classes
> building a compelling academic narrative 
> using the summer wisely
> understanding the biases of college admission officers 
> choosing worthwhile extracurricular commitments
> identifying appropriate teachers for recommendations   

The cost?

$49. That’s it. Soup to nuts. 

* Please note that Bill does not provide individual guidance to families.  The $49 fee includes only the guide and newsletters.